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A magical evening, one of the best Ive been a part of, ever. It could not have been more joyous, funny, brilliant. It felt like a family, let alone a real community. All because of the human being Tim is, the way he has taught a generation of poets and peers to cut through the misanthropy to the warmth that permeates through his poetry and his persona. So proud to have been part of this evening, all 19 poets read so wonderfully, all worth watching.


Tomorrow evening, 7pm, the Rich Mix, Bethnal Green Road, is the place to be.

Holly Pester, James Wilkes, Lucy Clarke, Jeff Hilson, Miles Champion, Michael Zand, Juha Virtanen, Marcus Slease, Robert Kiely, Peter Jaeger, Carol Watts, Andrea Brady, Philip Terry, Chris Gutkind and of course Tim Atkins and many many more poets will all be reading in celebration of a decades worth of work, play, poetry.

Launching the remarkable collected Petrarch poems by Tim Atkins (Tim Atkins, Complete Petrarch), clocking in at over 500 pages and published by Crater press, over 20 poets read from the book to celebrate this groundbreaking British poet.

Long heralded as one of the leading lights of the British 21st century avant garde poetry, here the work of Tim Atkins is revealed and celebrated by the key figures in the contemporary British vanguard of experimental writers.

Tim asked me to illustrate and respond to this momentous collection – it is almost impossible for me to describe how honoured I am to find my Mimih sat besides the utter brilliance of Tim’s poetry in this collection. Mimih as punctuation.

Atkins Collected Petrarch / Petrarch Collected Atkins. All of Petrarch translated / transfigured / transplanted by Tim Atkins – a hallucinogenic, euphoric striptease of a traductory odyssey. 550 odd pages of pure lyric gold.

The event is free and starts at 7pm. Please come along and celebrate (hug) Tim Atkins / Petrarch!!

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I have a newly revived TUMBLR site. It’s nice, the tumbling of Tumblr.

The tumbles can be found at: http://erkembode.tumblr.com


“oh cunningmann of the marshes Erkembode never an Irish monk”


&  ‘for Saints on Film‘ can be viewed HERE

Thank you to Hardy Tree Gallery for hosting

A616 present: MARSH FILMS

I’ll publish the two most recent of the trilogy in following blog posts.

mimih-crorrespondAnce veins 001

breathe wizard breathe still 001 You are invited to the Hardy Tree Gallery tomorrow evening, 7pm, to see a series of expanded-cinema films made in and around the Hackney/Waltham/Lea Marshes by A616 wizards – Josh Alexander & Erkembode.

Josh will also be showing some of his magic solo camera obscura films.

It is also the last chance to see his wonderful solo exhibition: Light on Paper.

breathe wizard breathe still 002

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This is the VerySmallKitchen mimih. It was sent to me back in April by David Kelly AKA Erkembode , to whom many thanks.

Its fellow mimihs (whom, without vigilance, will all get turned into “mimic’s” by auto-correct) exist in abundance here .

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