thank you so so much Hardy Tree Gallery for inviting me to create art live alongside Laurie Carter‘s outstanding electronic soundscape w/ visual artists Goia Mujalli, Amalie Russell and Claire Zakiewicz. Space-time was really all over and upside down inside out, the setting n vibe was just perfect and I got totally with the Mimih.#

really looking forward to the film that was made of the event/evening./ here are some photos from the event, thanks to tjakm for the majority of them.

live hardy tree


Mimi Spirits in new publication It POPS! by Marcus Slease. The chapbook was made by Ewa/Deadwood Press and it is b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l.


+ here is Marcus reading from it in a Victorian Toilet run by Arts Lav.

Screenshot 2014-04-20 15.07.36

Thinking about doing a Mimi Spirit exhibition there but not sure yetttti. A few lucky people later that evening also got the Saint Poems (printed by myself/Bear Press) scroll-in-a-cup. If you want one of these with your It POPS! chapbook, just let either Marcus or myself know and will get it to you. If you do get it, please follow this rule, emailed to me the following day from Chris Gutkind:

So the rule is: do not try unscrolling the poem on the tube soon before a blast if tube-wind comes! But rescued it. And now, because I live in a tall place, I got it hanging down a stairwell, looks pretty cool.

untitled cut-up painting

untitled cut-up painting, 2014.

raisinsmimih 001

Prayer Mimi 001 Mimih Application 001

housestark 001_edited

Dairy Classics, Giant Burger Band and Chips for the Poor band Mimih from last night’s Power Lunches gig

on youtubb

Marcus, the Magic Scone & I

magic scone London

photo taken by SJ Fowler

live hardy tree

jen2014 001

Screenshot 2014-04-01 23.00.43_edited


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