‘Untitled’, Stéphane Deleurence, January 2015


Je voudrais chaleureusement remercier Stéphane Deleurence, Stuart Westerby, Kingsley Chapman & George Szirtes pour m’autoriser á publier leur travail.

I would like to express my deep gratitude to Stéphane Deleurence, Stuart Westerby, Kingsley Chapman &  George Szirtes for allowing me to present their art.


sea as peace - stuart westerby

‘Peace at Sea’, Stuart Westerby & Erkembode, January 2015

jesuischarlie kingsly chapman

‘je suis charlie’, Kingsley Chapman, January 2015


‘je suis mimih’, Erkembode, January 2015


New projects from the Eastern Front

Have I been quiet? Sorry for that. Moved to Viet Nam a couple of months ago. Da Nang. No longer a slave to the British Museum, now working for TiPi Cafe.


  • Egon Schiele & I have been paired together for KAKANIA -
…over 4 events, each in different venues, 4 original publications and an array of contemporary artists working in poetry, visual art, sound & conceptual art – aims to not just to evoke the Habsburg era, but to envelope it, to transpose it, to avoid nostalgia and in its stead bring the intensity and innovation that marked the last days of the Habsburg era.
Each artist is creating new work based on one specific figure from that time. The website features an artists section where you can see the full list of commissions, which include Emily Berry on Sigmund FreudColin Herd on Oskar Kokoschka, Caroline Bergvall on Gustav Klimt, & George Szirtes on Arthur Schnitzler, amongst many others, including, in time, works on Stefan Zweig, Robert Musil, Egon Schiele, Gustav Mahler, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Alma Mahler, Joseph Roth & many others.
Kakania is an ambitious project which explores the legacy of the Habsburg past through decidedly contemporary, original works of text and art, which will attempt to be as complex and genre testing as the works, and the people, they are responsive to. Please come out to support the endeavour.
Kakania is also partnered by Pushkin Press, who will have books to sell at the events & who publish vital Habsburg figures like Stefan Zweig & the website is ever growing with new works of art and poetry published online, as well as information on the project and its commissions, so please check back regularly All thanks go to the Austrian Cultural Forum

updates for this project can be found  & thanks to SJ Fowler for the kind invitation. 

  • WADE – a collaborative photography/poetry project with David Southwell (@cult_author). we will wade together through Viet Nam & the UK. our wades, to date, can currently be found here: @wada_wade
  • SPACESHIPS – Graphic Novel on the upstart, initiated with poets Marcus Selase, Nia polly & Chrissy Williams.
  • A616 – more EXPANDED-CINEMA to come later this year from filmmaker Joshua Alexander & I. 
  • PUBLICATIONS – various publications to come later this month, December & early 2015…including a book w/ Robert Kiely, MIMIH in Gigantic Sequins literary journal, VISUAL-POEBS w/ Travin Systems & MEMORY LANDSCAPES to be published in France alongside fellow PICARDIE VAGABONDE artists. 

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